Monday, April 30, 2007


Another new session that was added to Music 2 Work recently is 179. It is one of my new favorites. It is a mix of piano and strings. The first half is upbeat with a fast tempo, and it contains lots of "fancy finger-work. The second half is a much slower tempo, but variations of a predominant melody from the first part can still be heard.

At a length of 41 minutes, it is a perfect session "to work to."

Friday, April 27, 2007

This seems to have been the week for pets getting ill. Lola, the dog of Andrew, my partner in Music 2 Work 2, Kelli's cat (of Kelli and the Shadowmen) and my dog, Doogan have all been sick. It is so hard when a pet is ill - you feel so helpless because they can't tell you what is wrong.

For so many people, their pets are members of the family. And when a family member hurts, you hurt also. I have been sending good thoughts, healing thoughts, across the country to California all day. So, I just want to wish all the sick pets speedy recoveries and good health soon. Hopefully next week will be a healthier one for our much loved, four-legged family members.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Session on Music 2 Work

There is a brand new music session available on Music 2 Work 2. com. Emma was composed just last week. I find it a little different from some of the other sessions; it is a very interesting piece. It is solely piano and contains a mixture of mood and tempo.

The image or thought that comes to mind when I listen to Emma is of "life." A single note, that is prominent at times throughout the session, reminds me of a clock or time ticking along. Like life, there are parts of the session that are somber and dramatic; there are parts that are light and cheerful - even "jazzy." The sound of the piano is sometimes simple, and sometimes complicated. It reminds me of the changes, the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows of life.

Go to the Music 2 Work 2 web site to "Free Music" and listen to this new session for yourself. You will need to register first but it's easy and and it's free.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It is said that four-leaf clovers are lucky, especially if found just by chance. According to Wikipedia, "it has been estimated that there are approximately 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every four-leaf clover." I suppose it is those odds that make finding one "lucky." Each leaf supposedly stands for something different - hope, faith, love , with the fourth leaf standing for good luck.

Since I have adopted Doogan, just a little over a month ago, I have found 9 four-leaf clovers at different times while walking him - - with each one, just looked down and there it was! I could certainly use some good luck.........good luck would be fantastic for Music 2 Work 2, also.

Since clover (shamrock) is associated with Ireland and St. Patrick's Day, I suppose it is fitting that I have found all the "lucky clovers" when I have been outside with Doogan. I adopted him on St. Patrick's Day - hence, his name. I am very lucky to have him; he is such a joy.

I don't know whether a four-leaf clover will bring good luck or not - - with finding 9 of them in such a short period of time, I would think that would bring lots of good luck. And, if so, I'm ready and waiting!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A new toy

I have been playing with a new toy today - - a software program that allows you to cut a long music session down to a clip that can be uploaded on web sites such as Music 2 Work 2 sessions are typically much longer than ordinary songs; that's part of their beauty and benefit as background music to listen to while performing a task or concentrating on something. In the past, Andrew had to be the one to make clips of the sessions since I did not have the software for doing so. Now that my computer is upgraded, I have the software, too. I haven't quite learned all about it yet, but it certainly is fun to be able to select certain portions of a session as a clip of the session.

When I have mastered doing this, I will be able to prepare clips of new sessions Andrew records and upload them for others to hear, rather than him having to find the time to do it. I am so glad to have my computer upgraded!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Computer upgraded............finally!

It has been a while since I was able to post a blog; my computer was out of commission for a few days while I was trying to upgrade the operating system. It looked for a while like we were stuck in a problem with no way to solve it. Thank goodness Andrew knows so much more about computers than I do. We spent several hours on the phone on Saturday with him trying to help me.........and hallelujah, he was able to solve the problem.

I got the OS downloaded and then spent most of yesterday putting the other software back on that I had had previously. So far everything seems to be working correctly and I have been able to download some software to use for Music 2 Work 2 that I couldn't before. Learning to use and getting used to the different programs will take me a while; but, it is very exciting to have finally gotten it upgraded successfully and to have the ability to use the new programs.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

With the horrible events taking place in the world, I find it especially hard to write a blog. Not that similar things haven't been going on all along. But, when something as senseless and disturbing as the horror that took place in Virginia this week happens, it brings to the forefront of my thinking just how fragile life is. There is not much more that I can say.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The weather did not cooperate with getting my computer backed up and upgraded over the weekend. We had severe thunderstorms, tornado watches, and severe winds so much of the weekend that I couldn't even have the computer on. Many people are without power around here because of high winds blowing down trees on power lines. Luckily, I have not lost my the task continues.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Upgrading computer

My task for the weekend is to back-up the data on my computer and upgrade it. I don't think the upgrading will be so bad, but I have accumulated so much "stuff" - my computer is loaded. It will take me many hours to back-up all the programs and information I need to keep. I'm afraid my tendency to be a "pack-rat" has spilled over to the handling of my computer, also. Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New MySpace Page

Part of our new Music 2 Work 2 MySpace page is up. There is some tweaking to do but I think it is going to look fantastic! Keep watching as the final touches are added.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Night of Music

My niece is about to graduate from college with a degree in music. She plays a variety of instruments, but her true love is percussion - marimba, vibraphone, etc. I attended her final college percussion ensemble concert tonight. It was wonderful classical pieces and one piece an adaptation of the hymn, O Sacred Head, Now Wounded, that had been written in memory of a friend of the composer.

The interesting thing about music performed by a percussion ensemble is that some of it is loud and booming, some soft and melodic. I have to admit that I prefer the pieces with a recognizable melody, but I also appreciate the difficulty and skill it takes to perform the pieces that, to my untrained ear are lacking in a distinct melody.

Following the main percussion ensemble concert, my niece played in a short steel drum concert. Listening to the lively, tropical-sounding music of the steel drums always makes me feel good. It's hard to listen to it and not tap a foot or move to the beat of the music.

In a matter of a couple of hours tonight, I had the privilege of enjoying a great variety of music. I couldn't help but think what an important and joyful part of life music is for me. And, regardless of the type of music, the instument(s) on which it is played, music is a powerful factor in the lives of most everyone. I am very glad it is so much a part of my life, and that my niece has chosen music as her career.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hope everyone had a nice Passover or Easter holiday.

Even though the weather felt more like we should have been celebrating Christmas, Easter was a time for good food, and fellowship with family and friends.

My work continues on MySpace. com - getting new friends for Music 2 Work 2. The new design for our MySpace page is coming along and should be up before long. It is going to look terrific so be sure and watch for that.

Friday, April 06, 2007

The beauty of spring

In NC, the dogwood trees, azaleas and all the spring flowers are in full bloom. We have had unusually warm temperatures for the past few weeks so it seems almost overnight the outdoors are ablaze with color. Of course with the beautiful blossoms comes the pollen which brings the headaches, watery eyes, runny noses.............ah, the allergies of spring!

But, as often happens, Mother Nature has decided to now give us the "winter" we haven't had. With the temperatures falling into the 20's at night, most likely the tender new growth and blooms won't be beautiful for long. Easter morning is expected to be one of the coldest so far and it is all likely to freeze.

I suppose the message in all this is - - even through watery eyes, take in the beauty of nature around you whenever it happens, for however briefly it may appear. It would be a shame to let such glory pass unnoticed or unappreciated.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


We received an email about some changes that have been made at I spent a while checking those out today; they have added blogs and an artist section.

We had already registered on this web site months ago and uploaded music onto playlists. I really couldn't see anything much that is different about the site except for the blogs. There are the usual forums, friends lists, etc. Seemed an awful lot like most of the other sites of this type and pretty much as it was already.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Hoorah! I was able to put a new Music 2 Work 2 session clip on our MySpace page today. It is a very beautiful piece composed by Andrew for his sister's birthday. Check it out!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Adding new music to MySpace

I have been trying to find out exactly how long a musical piece can be to be uploaded on the MySpace web site. I can't find that it tells that anywhere in the FAQs, Terms, etc.

Today I deleted one of the clips we already had on our MySpace page, since we had the limit of four, and decided to just try to upload a new session. It looked like it was almost going to make it.........but, unfortunately, the file was too large. So, we'll just have to wait to get the newer sessions on the MySpace page until clips can be made of them. In the meantime, the new sessions can be heard in their entirety on Music 2 Work