Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Just posted Bowser onto the site - which sounds really rather odd when you think of it! Funny thing is that the music doesn't sound anything like him!!!

I often wonder what the title of songs mean to people: there are song titles that reflect what is going on in the track - like Stairway to Heaven or Free Falling - but for an instrumental - I guess you could look at Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and say they were indicative, onamatapeic almost - but for a session with the title, "Bowser" - what does that say about the track?

You can check it out in its entirety on the front page of for a little while before we parcel it up and sell it! ;-)

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Monday, January 28, 2008


My computer broke last Thursday....

- All my music goes through my computer.

- I spend over 30 hours a week looking at my computer screen - actually - that's a minimum, its probably double that

- this is how I make my living, so when the computer breaks - its a very, very big thing.

My computer had been put together for me by Richard, my brother - 5 years ago. He knows about this stuff and we built the best machine I could afford at the time ($1500:) big server case, loads of fans, fast motherboard, P4, gig of ram - it was fast and it worked, it was the best machine I have ever owned! Thank you Richard.

Its taken 5 days, but I have a new machine, new dual screen set up, new workspace, new capacities - and again; everything works!!!

Looking forward to posting new music - there is new track that Bowser owns - light piano and strings that should be up in the next week or so. I'm off to play.....

A Review of the Music of Maria DeMaio

One of the things I really like about working with Music2Work2 is that I get to listen to so many different artists and so many types of music.

A MySpace friend of Music2Work2 whose music I enjoy listening to is Maria DeMaio. Maria & the fellas (as the group is apparently referred to) consist of Maria on vocals/piano and as songwriter, Reid Angwin on guitaz/bass, Mike Giordano on bass/guitaz and Mike Stavitz on drums. Their music is classified as Pop/Folk/Indie.

They have an interesting sound. The six sample songs on their MySpace page combine lovely melodies, lyrics that are personal and often intense, sung in Maria's pretty, clear voice. Her voice and the emotion with which she sings remind me a lot of Sarah McLachlan.

I enjoyed all six songs, especially " Her Side." It is clear why Maria & the fellas have formed a growing fan base in the Boston area and beyond. Their newly released first album is available now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Anne Lovett - A Review

Anne Lovett began playing the piano at age 3 and a couple of years after that began composing her own music. She went on in later years to study at the Paris Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Music in London. At the Academy, she studied classical piano, jazz, improvised music and composition. Most recently she fills concert halls for her performances and is working on an album.

Anne Lovett is one of Music2Work2's MySpace friends who shares a belief that music has power. Anne believes music can entertain, transcend cultural boundaries, inspire and enlighten. Her music is classified as Classical/Alternative/Experimental.

There are five sample songs on her MySpace page. They are all lovely solo piano pieces, played with passion and skill. I enjoyed all the songs. I especially like "Perpetuum Mobile 1," and "Ludivine," a piece she wrote for the part of the Planetarium Ludiver in Normandy dedicated to children and space exploration. I recommend these as well as the other songs by Anne Lovett.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Guitar Music At It's Best

Do you enjoy guitar music? If so, you will probably want to check out the music of one of Music2Work2's MySpace friends, Nello Angelucci[61]. He has a long history of studying under some of the music greats- first classical guitar, then jazz, and also Flamenco Guitar. He now lives in Japan; his music is classified as Acoustic/Flamenco/Jazz.

The six sample songs on Angelucci's MySpace page are a nice variety of different kinds of guitar music. His skill and versatility are evident in these selections.

All of the songs are lovely and provide a relaxing and calming mood. My favorite of the pieces is "Kio no kumori." It is a beautiful song, with an upbeat tempo.

I really enjoyed Nello Angelucci's music and recommend experiencing it yourself.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What a job!

This week has been devoted to working on getting ready for some of the changes we are about to make to the Music2Work2 website. I have been making two and a half minute and five minute clips of all the sessions in the Music2Work2 catalogue. What a fantastic job, huh? It means listening to each piece of music over and over (while deciding where to make the cuts)- - - can it get much better than this? Boy, do we have some great music!

I have always been aware of how beautiful the music really is. But, listening to hours of it, one after the other, I can safely say that it is really outstanding. It is beautiful music that can be listened to anytime, anywhere. Since I don't compose or perform the music, I can brag on it where my partner may be reluctant to give himself and his music such praise. But, we have a great catalogue of absolutely gorgeous music, so watch the website for the changes and new ways of accessing it.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Just Testing...

This is a test post from Music2Work2 to see how Feedburner handles email subscriptions and email delivery.  I'll stick in a little link to the Kelli site - just for good measure!


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One for the Team - A Review

One for the Team is a MySpace friend of Music2Work2 from Minneapolis, MN. Their music is classified as Indie/Rock/Powerpop. The band members are Ian Anderson - vocals, synth and guitar, Grace Fiddler - vocals, synth, John Kruegar - bass, Elliott Manthey - drums, Bill Caperton - guitar.

The music of One for the Team is upbeat, fun music. There are six sample songs to hear on their MySpace page. My favorite of the samples is "I Promised I'd Grow Up." The vocals are pleasant and the tunes are catchy. The harmony heard in some of the songs is very good.

One for the Team has found their own sound and it delivers a pleasant listening experience. If you like Rock music, check them out!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ain't No Sunshine...

Bill Wither's early insight into a Man's heart sneaks up on you with it's honesty and brilliance - you might even say: "It Rocks!" We're covering this over at, it sounds amazing - but in the meantime - check out this great video of him introducing it on The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1972.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dashboard Confessional Rocks my Birthday

I'm listening to Thick as Thieves by Dashboard Confessional.  I love their song Currents - the guitars sound like a cross between Coldplay and AC/DC - I love the register of the vocal and the keys are wonderfully put in - it's hopelessly romantic and passionate - I love the lyric - it says to me that even at the end of things - there's hope for the future - and shit - I'm an optimist - so you know I'm probably gonna dig it.

We're developing a number of covers for the Kelli set - we worked yesterday on Bobby McGee and Ain't no Sunshine - I'm super excited about them both - Bobby McGee in particular.  We took the verse and made it minor and it works - actually - it sent shivers up our spines - Kelli and I did a couple of takes on the 31st - one slow and piano driven - one faster guitar driven - I dig them both.  We're going into the studio tonight to work them up and if things well - we'll have video of them by Thursday!

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