Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yiksiuchit - A Review

One of Music 2 Work 2's MySpace friends is Yiksiuchit from Hong Kong. His music is classified as Pop/Trip Hop. Yiksiuchit "does it all" as far as his music goes - composing, arranging, recording, synthesizer, mixing.

His MySpace page contains 5 very short samples of his music; I wish the samples were a bit longer. All five songs sound like beautiful, melodic pieces. I enjoyed listening to all of them, however, I think "Shadow of the light" is my favorite. This may have something to do with the fact that it is also the longest sample of the five - about one minute in length.

From these short demos, it is clear that Yiksiuchit is a talented musician. I am looking forward to hearing more of his music.

Friday, November 23, 2007

What color do you hear?

I was reading about an interesting phenomenon called synesthesia, in which “stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.” This cross-over of senses often allows individuals to see letters, numbers, even days of the week in color; regardless of the color the letter is written in, individuals with this ability see a distinct color – “L” may be blue, “M” may be red. Some people with synesthesia also “hear” colors – sounds or music have a distinct color.

When I listen to music, it often evokes an emotion or feeling in me but definitely not colors. The emotion is usually tied to a past experience the music or song reminds me of. Research has shown that synesthesia is not the result of memories. There are several tests on a web site from the U.K., BBC - Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind, that one can take to determine if they have this blending of the senses. I definitely do not have it; I scored poorly on every one of them.

This entire web site is interesting and fun. It examines functions of the mind, personality, etc. in short surveys and psychology tests. And, the best part is that it actually gives you the results.

Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green...

At least, according to Kermit the Frog, it isn't. But, if you asked Music 2 Work 2's MySpace friend, Green Man Music, he may tell you differently. Green Man Music is Doug Peters, vocalist, playing guitar and occasional percussion, joined by a variety of other musicians on some of the sessions. Green Man Music is classified as Acoustic/Progressive/Folk.

The four songs available to hear on Green Man Music's MySpace page are guitar driven, folk stories, sung by Peters, whose voice is Dylan-like. My favorite of the four is "Eighteen Miles" because of the change in tempo that occurs several times during this piece.

Green Man Music has 2 albums to his credit - Sacred Water and La Vaquera, and is included on a compilation double cd, Dark Britannica, along with 29 other dark folk music tracks. Another cd, Gingerwitch Green, is planned for Fall '07.

If you are a fan of folk music, I think you will enjoy checking out the songs of Green Man Music.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Burger, fries and a download

According to Digital Music News' Daily Snapshot, November 13, 2007, it seems that the question at Wendy's will no longer be "do you want fries with that?" but rather "want a Rhapsody download with that?"

Participating Wendys will begin giving a code that opens access to the Rhapsody collection for free downloads with the purchase of medium and large-sized combo meals. According to Ian Rowden, chief marketing officer at Rhapsody, the purpose is to "connect with consumers on more occasions through the things they feel passionate about." I can't think of any two things human beings feel more passionate about than food (fast food, in particular) and music.

As Music 2 Work 2 grows and ventures out into other life activities for which music can be beneficial, perhaps we should think about "Music 2 Munch 2?"

Monday, November 12, 2007

Not Crying Wolf

Peter Wolf, one of Music 2 Work 2's MySpace friends, is vocalist, guitarist and pianist in the band Supernatural. He is joined by Thomas Kraemer: acoustic & electric guitars, bass, keyboards, computers, production, and Noel White: drums, bass, computers, production.

Their music is classified as Pop/Rock/Alternative. Personally, I classify it as "good music." The songs are melodic, and upbeat; Wolf's voice is soft and pleasant.

All four songs available to hear on their MySpace page are from their 2007 released, "Never Give Up." The songs follow a theme of perseverance through life's difficulties and success in overcoming them. The melodies are lovely and beautifully performed; the lyrics gentle and touching.

I really like all four songs; it is impossible for me to chose a favorite. This is the kind of music that lifts your spirits and makes you feel good.

Supernatural is currently working on another album, "Open Arms." Two tracks from this new album have been included in Germany's "NewPop2007" sampler.

I absolutely recommend checking out the music of this talented group; it's terrific music.......and I'm not just crying wolf.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Music can speak louder than words

A new Music 2 Work 2 session has been posted on the front page of the web site and on our MySpace page. The piece, "Irene," was composed in honor and appreciation to Andrew's aunt who lives in Paris. Having recently visited her, it is an expression of his caring and thanks for her hospitality. It is a beautiful piece, one of my favorites.

At the pianologist blog,"Love for Music, Music for Love," he was questioning the significance of a "musical gift." Anyone who has read the text accompanying quite a few of the Music 2 Work 2 sessions on our web site, knows that many of the pieces have been composed as birthday gifts, a gift in recognition of a memorable occasion, or as a gift of caring during a difficult time in someone's life. Music is wonderful, powerful and can express deep emotions.

The saying is "Actions speak louder than words." But, I think also music can often speak louder than words.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


One of Music 2 Work 2's MySpace friends is SINAJ (Igor Stankovic) from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. There is little information about him except his training, which was extensive. I don't know what musical instrument he plays.

I do know that his music is beautiful. It is instrumental music, with an almost ethereal feel. Three of the four samples available to hear on his MySpace page are slow/moderately slow tempo, melodic pieces. "178" is different from the other three in that it is faster tempo and has a less somber tone. There is such emotion and feeling associated with each piece.

My favorite of the four pieces is "Posledno Blagodaram." It is a very slow, mystical feeling piece, very solemn in tone but very beautiful. It brings to my mind an image of oppression and struggle but the bell tone at the end of the piece seems to ring of hope.

This is one of our MySpace friends whose music I would like to hear more of. I recommend checking it out.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dave Kilminster

Dave Kilminster's solo rock album, Scarlet, was written, sung and performed by Dave himself. He was joined by some other musicians and vocal backup. A well-known guitarist, Dave was named
Guitarist Magazine's 1991 Guitarist of the Year.

Of the four songs available to hear on Dave Kilminster's MySpace page, my favorite is "Aragon." It clearly demonstrates his skill and expertise in playing the guitar. It is an instrumental piece; the other three are vocals. They are really great songs also; Dave's voice is clear and pleasant and the melodies are lovely. The harmony on the vocals is terrific also. I particularly like "Rain" out of the other three songs.

Dave Kilminster is from the U.K. and receives rave reviews for his enthusiasm, technical mastery, and unusual techniques.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Laura Sullivan

A relatively new MySpace friend of Music 2 Work 2 is Laura Sullivan. Laura Sullivan is a pianist and composer of Classical/Acoustic/Ambient music. She began to play the piano at age 4 and began composing her own music at age 8. By 18 years of age, she had composed 6 feature length musicals, along with other works.

All the songs available to hear on her MySpace page are beautifully performed, relaxing and soothing melodies. I particularly like "The Serpent Mound" which I believe is one of Ms. Sullivan's own compositions. And, Pachelbel's Canon in D being my very favorite piece of classical music, I also really enjoy her arrangement of "Pachelbel for the Potomac."

Laura Sullivan's music is beautiful. It reminds me very much of the Music 2 Work 2 sessions and could be used as background music or for a calming and relaxing listening experience. I recommend checking out the music of this talented musician.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tom Palminteri

Tom Palminteri, a friend from MySpace, is a singer/songwriter and plays piano and guitar. He is out of West Islip, NY. His music is classified as Indie/Acoustic/Alternative.

Tom Palminteri started the band Eric's In Oregon in the late '80s but has more recently gone solo.
The 4 songs available to hear on Palminteri's MySpace page are upbeat with a sort of folk music sound. Of the four, I think my favorite is "On a Barbwire" followed by "Strong" as a close second.

Check out this artist's music for a pleasant and enjoyable listening experience.