Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The session, Arrival, on Music 2 Work 2. com is a musical piece that makes you feel good! It consists of piano and strings and the tempo is relatively fast, upbeat.

The imagery evoked for me by this session is that something great and happy is about to happen. The music seems to be announcing this event. Arrival actually was written for a wedding. But, whether it is a wedding or some other joyous event, the music tells me that the approaching event is something wonderful - something life changing. It elicits an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. Just listening to Arrival makes me smile.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


There is a fantastic new session on Music 2 Work 2.com. entitled Richard. It is unlike any of the other sessions in the way it was composed and in the sound. The rhythm in general is upbeat with a brief, dramatic change in sound and tempo about half way through the piece. This session is a mix of piano and four string voices.

Richard was written as a birthday gift for the composer’s brother by that name. I hear the beautiful harmony produced by the piano and strings as representative of the harmony that is typical of most relationships between brothers, family members, or friends. As is almost always the case, however, relationships whether between family members or friends, do not consist of harmony all the time. Conflicts, disagreements, misunderstandings, unrealized expectations often become an element in relationships, but hopefully for only a brief period of time. To me, this seems to be what the dramatic change in sound near the middle of this session represents.

I know both the composer and his brother, although I don’t know Richard as well as I do Andrew. They are talented, brilliant, kind, wonderful human beings. This beautiful session, Richard, is a perfect representation of the beautiful and unique human beings they both are.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wendi's Theme

Wendi’s Theme, the older version, on Music 2 Work 2.com is a session that combines strings and piano. It has a slow, mellow tempo, as does the more recently posted Wendi’s Theme; however, the 5.06.2006 version consists of only one voice, the piano.

When listening to this version of Wendi’s Theme, as well as the more recent one, my mood becomes one of contemplation. My thoughts turn to my life, my relationships, who I am as a human being, and what place I hold in the universe. Something about the beautiful music leads my thoughts in that direction, which I think is probably a good thing now and then.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Anam Cara is a beautiful little musical piece on Music 2 Work 2.com that makes you feel good. The piano is the only voice in this session, which has an upbeat, uplifting tempo. The clear notes of the piano bring to mind simplicity and even a sense of purity.

Having traveled over the past several days, spending a lot of time driving in a mixture of wintry precipitation, listening to Anam Cara, the imagery that now comes to mind is that of the snowflakes as they danced through the air. Sometimes large flakes, sometimes tiny ones, they fell softly, gently, making everything around look pure, clean and bright. The snow was so beautiful to look at, but unlike the pleasant feeling I get when listening to Anam Cara, driving in the snow was treacherous and anxiety producing.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Duel Clip

In Music 2 Work 2’s The Duel clip, the piano and strings almost seem to be in a competition themselves. The rhythm of the strings is much faster than the slower tempo of the piano. The competition is not mean or one of anger, it seems that in this piece, each voice is more “doing its own thing” although occurring at the same time, in a harmonious way.

It makes me think of the conflict that goes on in human beings between good and evil, or doing what is the right thing as opposed to doing the easy thing. I think this is a common struggle, seen in practically all areas of ones life. It may be easier to give up when times get rough but commitment and integrity or courage keeps you fighting. It may be easier to do a job half-way but honor and pride push you to doing your best and giving your all. Listening to The Duel, the prominence of the piano at the end of the clip and ending on the high notes indicates to me that the good or right is victorious in the struggle. Hopefully that is the result in most cases.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Beautiful Clip

The musical clip Beautiful on Music 2 Work 2.com definitely bears the correct name. The combination of strings and piano produce a melody, with mixed tempos, that is indeed beautiful.

One image that is evoked for me by this piece is of a sunrise. The rays of sun slowly begin to peak through the darkness as the sun rises above the horizon, heralding a new day. Beautiful is one of those musical pieces that make you feel good. It is a reminder that each new day is a gift to be celebrated and treasured.

Friday, January 12, 2007

1218 Clip 1

1218 Clip 1 on Music 2 Work 2.com is a musical piece that combines piano and strings in a faster rhythm than some of the other sessions. The rhythm quickens and slows and the piano and strings seem to alternate as the dominant voice in the piece.

In listening closely to this clip, the imagery that is evoked for me is of a rain storm. The clear notes of the piano represent the raindrops as they begin to fall - at times slowly, then faster as it changes from a light shower to a heavy rain, indicated by the strings as they become dominant. As the piece ends, the rain begins to cease as the raindrops fall to the earth more slowly. Nature has been refreshed and nourished. 1218 Clip 1 is a musical piece that I find uplifting and leaves me with a feeling of encouragement.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


One of the newer sessions on Music 2 Work 2.com is Annelise. This is an interesting musical piece in that it seems to me to have three distinct parts. The first is slow and rhythmic, the strings and piano combine in a calm and harmonious way. About one third of the way through the session, the rhythm becomes faster and the feel is more one of expectancy or urgency. There are changes in tone, and rhythm – it has a jazzy beat. The third part returns to the slower rhythm and tone, at first still not as calm and peaceful as the beginning, but then ends in a slow, softness.

An image that comes to mind when I listen to this session is the development of the human being, the recognition of self and an acceptance of and satisfaction with who we are. Ones early life, childhood, is most often a time of harmony, joy and wonder – innocently being whoever we are. Growing into adulthood brings questions of purpose and identity, a hunger to experience all that life has to offer, an urgency to find answers to the meaning of our existence. As adults and later in life, hopefully there is a realization of who we truly are, and an acceptance and joy in living the life we were intended to live. The calm, slow ending of Annelise signifies to me that such a realization is possible.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hanging in there.......

I am often struck by the indomitable nature of the human spirit - it generally strikes me when I am incapacitated by circumstance, often depression or grief. The images of people who have nothing realistic to gain by moving, but who do so just because it is better than staying still and dying in defeat, never cease to inspire me.

Even when we don't know if what we are doing is right, even when we doubt what it is that we do - not to do it would surely be more of a crime than doing it and getting it wrong. We are not Doctors, Scientists, responsible for the lives of others by our actions. We are creators, not of life, but of essence that facilitates and enhances life - our creations cannot harm and even imperfect, may do some good.

Music 2 Work 2 has humongous plans for 2007:

1/ brand new look to the site - much more graphic driven, warm and inviting

2/ new music, better string sounds and tones

3/ new collaborations with different artists - particularly percussionists

4/ new newsletter to keep members up to date

5/ Pod casting

If we achieve these 5 actions before the end of quarter 1 this year - then we will be delighted - and hopefully so will those who have already signed up.

It is wonderful to see that we are getting a new sign up every 2 days - our one year anniversary is coming up and we intend to celebrate it with a major leap forward.

Relaxing Music

One of my favorite sessions on Music 2 Work 2.com to relax and chill to is Jax’s Theme. The slow melody of the organ at the beginning has a calming, almost sacred feel. The addition of the piano continues the slow rhythm but adds a joyous tone to this piece.

As I listen to this music, I can feel the stress of the day fading away. The word that first comes to mind with this musical piece is “majestic” – the majesty of nature, the majesty of the universe. I am reminded that the cause of my stress was most likely small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. It would be difficult for me to listen to Jax’s Theme without feeling a sense of peace and joy.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Music - it works!

A recent article in the LA Times entitled “Beethoven and a Barcalounger” talks about the change in the understanding and use of classical music. The Musical Heritage Society is apparently marketing a CD of Mozart’s music as “the perfect relaxing music.” The writer of this article, as probably many classical music aficionados, was somewhat disturbed at classical music being considered “relaxing” or “soothing.” He does admit that music is heard in different ways by different people and not always heard the same each time one listens to a piece. I find that to be true when I listen to Music 2 Work 2 sessions - as music in the background when I am involved in some task, or listening intently and focusing on the music, the rhythm and tones.

Music 2 Work 2 sessions fit into the classical genre, but also in other categories as well. They are wonderful background music to help you concentrate on a task; they are soothing and relaxing; they are joyful and motivating. Music, classical and other types, is helpful – it makes people happy, it makes them feel good, it benefits human beings in an endless number of ways. That is the premise on which Music 2 Work 2 is based and it appears that this recognition is rapidly spreading.

Monday, January 08, 2007


The Vincent clip on Music 2 Work 2 is a sweet, melodic piece. The piano is the sole voice or instrument in this one. The clear tones of the piano bring a sense of innocence and simplicity to mind for me – the innocence and simple joy of a child.

This session was written in celebration of the birth of a child. It is representative of the joy surrounding such an event. For me, it also evokes an image of the joy a child might find in something as simple as a flower, as he or she explores the wonders of the world all around them. Vincent is a musical piece that will make you feel good.

Friday, January 05, 2007

A New Year

Andrew will soon be back from his trip to Europe and he tells me he has lots of new ideas and plans for Music 2 Work 2. I know there are plans for more new music, a change in the look of the web site, and who knows what else!

Prospects are encouraging from the business aspect for the sale of digital downloads. Digital Music News reports that according to figures published by Nielsen Soundscan, sales hit a new high of 30.1 million downloads the last week of the year – resulting in over 581.9 million for the year-end total.

So, things are looking good as we begin 2007 to continue our goal of producing and distributing beautiful music, music that helps - - background music that makes whatever task you are involved in more pleasant. We will be starting our second year in 2007- a little wiser and more skilled on my part, but no less enthusiastic.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Dublin - New Year 2007


Happy New Year everybody, welcome to 2007.

I'm sitting in an Internet cafe in Dublin - lubricated with Guiness and listening to "Richard My Brother" which I will have available for download soon - you know - life could be worse!!! The vacation is going superbly - so many cultures to dip into - had a wonderful afternoon listeing to music at Oliver St. John Gogarty's in the Temple Bar - Charlotte would have loved it. Guitar, Whistle and Flute - beautiful stuff - all very similar but wonderful to listen to live.

Live music is such an inspiring experience to me - it makes me want to go and sit at a piano and write - I'm thinking in 6/8 and 3/4 time - movement, green grass and rolling hills - oh and the rain!!! Britain and Ireland are such extremes when compared against California - the weather is cold, the rain freezing and the wind biting - but the pints and the hospitality seem all the warmer for it.....

Looking forward to 2007 - can't wait actually -

We wish you all a wonderful and happy new year