Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Center for Music Medicine

Music 2 Work 2 is based on the premise that music is good for you - it is beneficial in many ways. In fact, we have sited a list of articles that deal with studies and reports supporting the benefit of music on our website.

One of our newer MySpace friends believes in the benefits of music also. The Center for Music Medicine, located in West Sacremento, California is an education and music project offering opportunities for accessing information about music as a medicine. It is the Center's intent "to bring human health and wellness through the power of music."

David Tralle, keyboardist, performs "original keyboard soundscapes" - improvisational compositions. Barbara Tralle is manager/presenter of the project.

The music, four pieces of which are available to hear on their MySpace page, is beautiful, calming, and soothing. It is classified as Healing & Easy Listening. There is no way I can choose a favorite from the four selections. They are all equally lovely and, I'm sure, beneficial pieces.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pacific Motion Trio

According to the Essentials of Music - Online Glossary, fusion music is defined as a "style that combines jazz improvisation with amplified instruments of rock." Pacific Motion Trio, one of Music 2 Work 2's MySpace friends, falls into that category.

The trio, from Portugal, is composed of
Miguel Amorim - keyboards; Armando Mendes - bass; Nelson Silva - drum/percussion.

There are only two pieces of music available to hear
on their MySpace page. "End of Summer" which is over 9 minutes long, demonstrates the talent of each of these three young musicians.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Time to breathe...

It's amazing how much music is "out there" - it's even more amazing when you look at the diversity of the music - not just the music itself but the words, the performances, the performers, their's amazing! ;-)

I'm sitting here listening to Phil's fro by the inflatable orchestra - and it is cracking me up. The rest of this week's artists were pretty cool too, if you didn't get a chance - scroll down and check out Charlotte's picks.

It's the weekend and for the first time in ages it feels like there's a chance to just sit and breathe - which is wonderful. Have a good weekend y'all

Friday, October 26, 2007


Though joined by various musicians, the band Zwerg is primarily Eldon Thiele - composer/piano, vocals, keyboards, programing, and bass. His third and newest album is Into the 4th Dimension. Zwerg's music is classified as Psychedelic/Alternative/Ambient.

The music available to hear on Zwerg's MySpace page is all from the new album. The songs are melodic, lovely music combined with the lyrics sung in a pleasant, clear voice. My favorite of the four songs is "Unwavering" although all are very enjoyable.

Another Music 2 Work 2 MySpace friend whose music I would recommend checking out.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maestro Alex Gregory

Maestro Alex Gregory is a composer, multi-instrumentalist performer, and inventor. Gregory was given the title of "Maestro" by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Government in 1983, following his graduation from the University of Milan as a Classical Composer.

Finding himself drawn to electric guitars and Rock and Roll music rather than the music of his studies, he invented the 7 STRING STRATOCASTER guitar, which led to a deal with Fender Musical Instruments in 1987. He went on further to invent the "Heavy Metal Mandolin" and the "Piano Guitar." Maestro Alex Gregory spent 5 more years, under the endorsement of Gibson Guitars, creating the instruments and the concept of the "XXI CENTURY ELECTRIC ORCHESTRA," followed by his invention of the PENTASYSTEM and new methodology, a radically new family of 5 string instruments all tuned in fifths. In 2004 Gregory sold all the PENTASYSTEM technology to PEN 5 Guitars, LLC.

Althought he had played and recorded during those years, once free of the distraction of "inventing" he undertook the task of orchestrating and recording what some termed "the impossible dream," "Bach on Steroids!" All four of the songs available to hear on his MySpace page are from this album. "Bach on Steroids!" is the recording of 15 of the most popular Bach pieces performed by some of the world's most respected musicians.

The sound is interesting; Gregory's skill and that of the other musicians greatly apparent. I really enjoyed listening to all four of the pieces. However, my favorite is "Double Vivace BWV 1."

This is one of Music 2 Work 2's MySpace friends that I think you will certainly want to check out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Victor Rice

Victor Rice is a Music 2 Work 2 MySpace friend from Sao Paulo, Brazil. His music is classified as Raggae/Dub/Ska.

The music available to listen to on Victor Rice's MySpace page is all upbeat, lively and fun. I especially like "Context."

He is apparently touring in the US at this time. Check out his music - you might want to catch a live show.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson is a relatively new Music 2 Work 2 MySpace friend. Out of Minneapolis, MN, he composes and performs Rock/Folk Rock. He recently released his first solo album, Free Life.

Dan Wilson writes music with lovely melodies, and lyrics that tell a story. Performed by Dan in a clear, pleasant voice, the music has a laid-back, mellow feel to it.

I enjoy listening to all four of the available songs, my favorite being "Cry."

Wilson is a celebrated artist and songwriter. He received a Song of the Year Grammy Award in 2007 with the Dixie Chicks for 'Not Ready to Make Nice,' and co-wrote 5 other songs on their award winning Album of the Year, 'Taking the Long Way.'

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Inflatable Orchestra

One of Music 2 Work 2's MySpace friends is The Inflatable Orchestra. The Inflatable Orchestra (Jay Gonzalez) is in Athens, GA and plays Experimental/Psychedelic/Pop instrumentals.

The music has a very interesting sound. The melodies of all four of the pieces of music available to hear on his MySpace page are harmonious and quite lovely. There is a variety of sounds and instruments in these pieces which adds to their interest and enjoyment.

I like all four of the pieces; it is hard to pick a favorite, but I think it would have to be "Phil'sfro" followed closely by "Max." I recommend giving The Inflatable Orchestra a listen.

Friday, October 19, 2007

6 Twenty

6 Twenty is a latin pop band out of Long Beach, CA. It is made up of brothers Richie and Joey Sanchez-Arrieta, with friends Bobby Cerda and Tito Figueroa.

If you like groups such as Boyz II Men, you will enjoy the music of this band. Their great voices and fantastic, smooth harmony result in music that is pleasant and enjoyable.

They recently signed with award winning producers George Tobin and Mike Piccirillo with Headliner Records, so watch for big things to happen with this group.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dereck Higgins

Dereck Higgins, from Omaha, Nebraska, was one of our earliest MySpace friends. Dereck's music is classified as Psychedelic/Alternative/Ambient.

Dereck Higgins is from a musical family - his father a known and respected jazz musician and his brothers musicians as well. It seems that Dereck has been a part of several bands and still plays with some of them.

Of the four pieces available to hear on his MySpace page, two are very melodic, beautiful pieces of music. The other two pieces have more of the psychedelic/alternative sound but are interesting. My favorite of the four is "Termination revisited."

I hope you will visit Dereck Higgins' MySpace page and experience his musical talent for yourself.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jim Price

Jim Price of Midland, Texas has many talents; he composes, sings, plays piano, brass, arranges and produces Rock/Jazz/Experimental music.

He has worked with many well-known artists and groups. The band members with him on the music on his MySpace page include Bobby Keys: Sax, Jim Keltner: Drums, Nicky Hopkins: Keyboards, Klaus Voormann: Bass, John Uribe: Guitar, David Farrell: Bass, and Don Poncher: Drums.

Jim Price has a pleasant voice, the music is harmonious but the unique feature in these songs are the brass instruments. I liked all four pieces of music on his MySpace page, but my favorites are "Pick a Prize" and "You Got the Power." Jim Price's music is fun; it makes you feel good. It is not your average rock/jazz music. I recommend that you check out the music of Music 2 Work 2's friend, Jim Price!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Todd Marston

Todd Marston, from Massachusetts, composes and plays instrumental music that I would find hard to classify to a particular genre. His MySpace page says "Big Beat/Big Beat/Big Beat" but I guess I would say a combination of jazz, rock, pop, classical....

However you classify it, it is good music. Marston plays piano, keyboard and accordion.

I like all four of the pieces on his MySpace page. The music is melodic, ranging from mellow and soothing to fun and lively. I especially like "Song for Elizabeth" and "Find Yourself Awake."

Todd Marston has played with several bands, including Choose To Find.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wendi at 40

Saturday having been Wendi's 40th birthday, Andrew developed further the session he was working on to celebrate her big day. It is a lovely and loving piece.

The piano and strings combine in sweet harmony, with the tempo varying as with the changes in the pace of life's phases. The feeling is sometimes of joy and happiness and also of mellowness and sadness. This piece evokes for me, the thoughts of relationships, caring, growth and changing. I think it is a wonderful gift for a lovely, special lady.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tobias Tinker

Tobias Tinker, one of Music 2 Work 2's MySpace friends, is a composer and solo pianist. He lives in Berlin, Germany; his music is classified as Ambient/Experimental/Acoustic.

His background includes playing a variety of music types including Irish, Balkan, Egyptian, etc. which I think comes through in some of the music he composes. He is the principal composer for the Broken Saints online series and DVD.

I enjoyed listening to all four of the pieces available on his MySpace page. "Lucid" has a unique and interesting sound, but I think my favorite of the four is "Taliesin." Check out his work and see what you think!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Leroy Justice

If you like soulful rock, you might want to check out our MySpace friend Leroy Justice. They are out of New York; their music is classified as Rock/Alternative/Jam Band.

The band is made up of Jason Gallagher-Guitar/Vocals; Claaaaams-Drumkit; Sloan Marshall-Keys; Bradley Wegner-Bass; Brendan Cavanaugh-Guitar. They perform regularly in NY.

I think they have an interesting sound. My favorite of their four sample pieces on their MySpace page is Hey Baby It's Me. Give them a listen!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Catherine Duc

A relatively new friend of Music 2 Work 2 is Catherine Duc from Melbourne, Australia. Her music is classified as Ambient/Celtic/Healing & Easy Listening, which I think is a pretty accurate description.

Catherine Duc composes, arranges, produces and does the background vocals on her music.

All four samples of her music available to listen to on her MySpace page are very beautiful pieces. It is soothing and relaxing music. I like all four pieces but my favorite is One Autumn Day.

Catherine won the LA Music Awards Instrumental Artist of the Year for 2006; listening to her music, it is easy to understand why.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blackmore's Night

Blackmore's Night, one of Music 2 Work 2's MySpace friends, is a band with a unique sound - sort of a mix of rock, Renaissance, ballad, folk. The band, from Port Jefferson, NY, consists of Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night - hence the name - Malcolm, Barry and David.

Candice performs the vocals on the songs; she has a lovely voice. The melody of each song available to hear on their MySpace page is beautiful, and the lyrics of each song tell a story. I am reminded of Music 2 Work 2's close friends, Kelli and the Shadowmen, listening to the music of Blackmore's Night.

I liked all of the songs on their MySpace page, especially All For One and Hanging Tree, the latter being my favorite. I find the pieces by Blackmore's Night equally lovely in the music and the singing - - definitely a band I would recommend checking out!

Monday, October 08, 2007

New ways to communicate

There is so much I don't know about all the technology and latest trends of today. It could become quite mind-boggling for someone like me. I'm lucky to have Andrew, who is up on it all, to introduce me to the latest in online communication and networking.

I have been registering on sites that are sort of like "mini blogs," such as Blabbr, Twitter, Pownce, Tumblr and Jaiku. The difference is that you communicate in one statement, more or less, rather than through a longer post like a blog. I don't understand it all completely, but hopefully this is a way to get the name "Music 2 Work 2" out to the public and, of course, with it later on, our music.

Speaking of our music, if you haven't listened to Irene - Development, be sure to check it out. It is a really lovely piece that Andrew is currently working on for his Aunt Irene.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Seabright is one of Music 2 Work 2's MySpace friends from San Jose, California. The music, classified as Ambient/Surf/Pop, is made by one person apparently using his computer and guitar.

The songs on Seabright's MySpace page are soothing, with a calming quality. Some have lyrics; some are instrumental. The songs all have pretty melodies and an interesting sound.

I enjoyed all four pieces by Seabright but I think Summer Two is my favorite. I would recommend checking out the music of this MySpace friend.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

New music posted

A lovely new piece of music has just been posted on the Music 2 Work 2 web site. Irene, is a development piece Andrew is composing for his aunt. It is solely piano now; I don't know if he plans to add other voices as this session is developed. We will have to wait and see.

I like the mix of moods in this piece - parts are sweet, parts more dramatic. But, it is all beautiful!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


One of our newer MySpace friends is InfiniteGlitches (Onglee). She is in California and apparently composes most of her music, as well as performing it.

The music on her MySpace page is lovely, mostly piano based music. Of the four songs available to hear, my favorite is "Remember Me;" it has sort of an Oriental sound to me - very soothing. "Clouds" and "Leaving Perdition" are very pretty piano-driven pieces with a faster tempo than "Remember Me." "Midnight Bossa Nova" is, as the name implies, a Latin- flavored piece remixed by InfiniteGlitches; the composer is unknown.

I would like to know more about this musician, but no information is available. Check out the music, though; I think you might enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Changes coming to Music 2 Work 2

Well, the trips are over and it's back to work. We have some really exciting plans for Music 2 Work 2 and our web site. I am anxious to have all the changes made and the new projects started. It's going to be great!

As with everything, changes take time. But, the plans have all been made - we know what needs to be done - now it is just a matter of doing it. Hope you will check back often to see the progress!